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The Kindly Ones

by A.J. Hall

The Kindly Ones is one in a series of LoPiverse ebooks by the author A.J. Hall. You might like to refer to their chronology, suggested reading order & more detailed series information.

Time has moved on. "Recent Events" are mutating into ancient history. Following a dangerous illness, Draco takes Neville on a convalescing cruise of the Ionian islands of Greece. But in that neighbourhood Voldemort has stirred up archaic and terrifying powers  too powerful to be subdued by his fall; and Neville, too, has ghosts from his past to confront. Across a brilliantly sun-lit landscape a shadow falls...

This story, written for the festival of St Valentine, is intended as a reminder that the saint commemorated on 14 February was not originally St Valentine the Fluffy of Hallmark, but a martyr beheaded for being in the wrong place, proclaiming the wrong message, at the wrong time. Set in June, 2005

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The Kindly Ones book cover

Book cover

This short story is rated 15. You might like to consider other ebooks by A.J. Hall set in the Harry Potter and LoPiverse fandoms. This work is created on a not-for-profit basis and no infringement of the rights of the holder(s) is intended. All rights are those of the respective holder(s).