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Two Singles to Provence

by A.J. Hall

Two Singles to Provence is s Doctor Who fic set in Pete's World, the alternative universe first seen during Rise of the Cybermen after the events of Journey's End.

Donna Noble (Pete's World edition), on a holiday in the South of France, meets a man called John Smith on the TGV.   He offers her a job: outside the Government, under the radar of the French, behind the backs of his office superiors, above this bar, just up those stairs and through the doorway to the left.

Two Singles to Provence book cover

Book cover

This short story is rated PG. You might like to consider other ebooks by A.J. Hall set in the Doctor Who fandom. This work is created on a not-for-profit basis and no infringement of the rights of the holder(s) is intended. All rights are those of the respective holder(s).