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Lift Up Mine Eyes To The Hills

by A.J. Hall

'Lift Up Mine Eyes To The Hills' is a 'Sherlock (TV)' / 'Withnail and I' crossover fic.

In the aftermath of an intensely stressful case, John takes a depressed and exhausted Sherlock to the Lakes to recuperate. However, ghosts from Sherlock's family history intrude upon his recovery, confronting him with a mystery which has an unequivocally personal dimension.

Lift Up Mine Eyes To The Hills book cover

Book cover

This short story is rated 12A. You might like to consider other ebooks by A.J. Hall set in the Sherlock and Withnail and I fandoms. This work is created on a not-for-profit basis and no infringement of the rights of the holder(s) is intended. All rights are those of the respective holder(s).