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The Master's Mate's Stratagem

by A.J. Hall

The Master's Mate's Stratagem is the seventh in a series of Queen of Gondal ebooks by the author A.J. Hall. You might like to refer to their suggested reading order & more detailed series information. It is a quasi-historical AU of the BBC Sherlock series set (more-or-less) in three fantasy kingdoms devised by the Bronte children. It is also a cross-over with the BBC's radio comedy series Cabin Pressure, give or take a few hundred years of changing technology.

Lord Lestrade of Gondal, eloping from the Kingdom of Naples with Sally Donovan, a merchant's daughter, takes passage aboard the Santa Gertrude for the risky winter passage of the Straits of Otranto. When the ship's cat takes a fancy to the contents of Lord Lestrade's sea-chest, all that stands between the Santa Gertrude's crew and the wrath of the most hot-tempered aristocrat in the three kingdoms are the quick wits of the master's mate.  Fortunately, he may almost be as brilliant as the ship-owner's son believes.

The Master's Mate's Stratagem book cover

Book cover

This short story is rated PG. You might like to consider other ebooks by A.J. Hall set in the Sherlock , Queen of Gondal and Cabin Pressure fandoms. This work is created on a not-for-profit basis and no infringement of the rights of the holder(s) is intended. All rights are those of the respective holder(s).