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The Ballad of Lady Smallwood

by A.J. Hall

The Ballad of Lady Smallwood is a short story in the form of linked 221Bs1

It contains spoilers for His Last Vow2 and an explanation for reappearance in the final scene of that episode.

“If a one-way trip to Serbia's the best Britain can do to reward the man who rid the world of Charles Augustus Magnussen, then I'm a banana."

For Kalypso, on her birthday.

1. “221B” describes a short, self-contained work of precisely 221 words length, of which the last word begins with ‘B’, a literary form invented specifically by fanfic writers in the Sherlock fandom.

2. His Last Vow is the third episode in the third series of the BBC Sherlock television program.

The Ballad of Lady Smallwood book cover

Book cover

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