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Lilies at the Funeral

by A.J. Hall

Lilies at the Funeral is a cross-over between the worlds of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and of Mary Renault's Return to Night, with occasional guest appearances by characters from other books. It is set immediately after the conclusion of Return to Night.

The announcement of Dr Hilary Mansell's engagement to Julian Fleming, the much younger owner of Larch Hill, comes as a shock to her nephew Sam, who knew Julian at Oxford. But Julian's mother Elaine is not merely shocked, but overtly hostile. Given the intense, febrile relationship between mother and son, something has to snap.

Dedicated with grateful thanks (and some trepidation) to Naraht, without whose chapter-by-chapter hosted read-through I would never have come across "Return to Night".

Lilies at the Funeral book cover

Book cover

This novella is rated PG. You might like to consider other ebooks by A.J. Hall set in the Mary Renault and Agatha Christie fandoms. This work is created on a not-for-profit basis and no infringement of the rights of the holder(s) is intended. All rights are those of the respective holder(s).